Kim Basinger's 'Secret' for Looking So Young at 60 Sounds Suspicious (PHOTO)

Kim BasingerSooooo ... can you believe that actress Kim Basigner turned 60 a couple days ago? Yes, that Kim Basinger -- as in Alec Baldwin's ex-wife and Ireland Baldwin's mom. Though if you're from my generation, you probably remember her from My Stepmother Is an Alien. (Classic flick.)

For a 60-year-old gal, she's looking pretty darn amazing, so of course we're curious about what she does to keep herself looking so youthful.

Is it a magic potion? Or really great genes? Or a combo of the two?


Well, according to her daughter -- Kim hasn't had any sort of Botox or anti-aging procedures.

Um, yeah ... ok. Are you really buying the idea of her being able to pass for a 40-something without the slightest hint of a nip, tuck, or even a high-end cold cream?

Yeah ... me neither. Hell, I'm only 36 and I've been using anti-aging skin care for at least a couple of years -- so there's no way Kim's simply washing her face with good old-fashioned soap and getting a result like this. Ok, so maybe I'll believe that she hasn't gone under the knife ... but no Botox? Really?

Look at her forehead in this picture, for crying out loud. It's flawless. Smooth as a baby's behind. And I'm sorry -- but there's no way you get skin that smooth at 60 without a little bit of help along the way. And you know what? There's really no shame in that! It's obvious that Kim is not made of plastic like some other Hollywood ladies -- so no one will fault her for having an injection or two here and there. A little maintenance never hurt a gal ... right?

Do you think Kim has had work done?


Image via Theo Wargo/Getty

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