5 Totally Rad Gifts for Former '80s Girls (PHOTOS)

flashdance sweatshirt 80s
Got a former '80s girl on your holiday shopping list? You know the one. She used to eat, sleep, and breathe for mix tapes. She danced around (and maybe still does) to Madonna, Prince, and Culture Club music on a huge boom box? She dreamed of owning Andie's Pretty in Pink Karmann Ghia and fantasized about landing a guy with Sodapop’s looks and Steff's money? Well, we've got you covered in the gift ideas department.



We've put together a totally rad, must-have list of gifts for former '80s girls! Remember, the '80s didn’t end with the era. They’re an attitude and a feeling (what a feeling!) that stay with us, like, forever.

Boombox, Fer Sure

What former '80s girl doesn’t miss her boombox? Check out this cool, modern version -- a purple bluetooth-ready boombox (Target, $199.99) just right for playing old school tunes.

"Maniac" Sweatshirt

Flashdance-inspired slouchy wideneck sweatshirts (Amazon, $22-$28) are still super comfy, and slouchy is totally “in” this year. Now that we're adults, though, we don't have to explain to our moms why we took scissors to a perfectly good sweatshirt.

Madonna’s Neon Pumps

Madonna rocked orange neon pumps like these Qupid Potion-01 Neon Pumps (Amazon, $19.50) in her "Borderline" video — with neon green socks, no less — and they’ve been brilliant ever since. 

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

No '80s girl will ever get over the heartbreak that was Johnny telling Ponyboy to "stay gold" at the end of The Outsiders. Sob! Commemorate the sweet heart of Johnny Cade with this Stay Gold Ponyboy T-shirt (Etsy, $17.99).

Mix Tapes 4-Ever!

Long live the mix tape! Enjoy the nostalgia of the '80s decade with this Cassette iPhone 5 Case (Shopper Paradise, $17.98).

For lots more gift ideas and must-haves for former '80s girls, come reminisce, celebrate, and shop the best era ever over on The Prowl.


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