Michelle Obama Stuns With Dramatic New Hairstyle & Gorgeous Green Gown (PHOTO)

Michelle ObamaPut all your political feelings aside and let's dish about how stunning First Lady Michelle Obama looked last night at the Kennedy Center Honors gala in Washington, D.C. That dress! It's very close to 2013's color of the year, emerald, perhaps a little more on the teal side. The draping sleeves, the perfect way it flowed ... of course it had to be a Marchesa dress. Perfect perfect perfect.

Now let's talk about the hair. The hair! Kind of a big change from her usual look. 


The FLOTUS, who seemed to be floating in that gown, had a slightly '70s hairstyle a la Farrah Fawcett. Those perfect whispy flips! She also seemed to have a little hint of highlighting done on the tips, which I love. She looks so gorgeous I barely noticed the Pres on her arm.

I think it's a true sign that I'm getting older that when I look at the First Lady Michelle Obama, I think, Wow! That dress is gorgeous! I would totally wear that. Because that's not something I'd say looking at ... oh Barbara Bush or Hillary Clinton or Nancy Reagan. No disrespect, but they all sort of wore older lady styles, and back then I was a younger lady than I am now. Now that I'm finding what FLOTUS wears is cute, I'm realizing how much I have in common with the President's wife. We're both moms of two. We clearly love the color green and a little bit of ombre in the hair. We're both in our fo--. Okay. Stopping there. I'm just going to say that this First Lady has a whole lot of style. That dress could be something Jennifer Lawrence would wear.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's dress and hairstyle?


Image via Getty Images

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