Miley Cyrus Bares Toned Tummy but She Has It All Wrong

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus takes fashion to the limit these days. Such a statement should be rote by now, but her risque looks still catch us by surprise. It's not shocking when someone like Lady Gaga pushes the boundaries of fashion. I mean, Lady G has been pushing all manner of boundaries since she sprung full-formed from the forehead of Madonna. With Miley it's different. Since we all have images of Miley's bubbly Hannah Montana days emblazoned on our brains, there's still something titillating about new Miley and her penchant for wearing ill-fitting beige-colored high-rise panties in lieu of pants.

If I had a body like Miley's I'd probably be eager to show it off to everyone I came across. "Look," I'd chirp, "My nipple!" Thankfully this is not the case for me. But for Miley? Each outing is a chance to strut what her mama gave her.


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At the popular KIIS FM Jingle Ball event, Miley took advantage of the warm weather and flashed most of her belly for due admiration from her fans. Like I said, if I had abs that could cut diamonds, I'd want to wear a belly shirt too, so I get why she wore this uncomfortable, ropy-looking, black ensemble.

But there are so many ways of showing off your body other than just letting it go naked. Some would argue that's what clothes are, in fact, for. Sure, less can be more, but sometimes less just leaves you kind of chilly and naked.

Miley Cyrus

When it comes to showing off a flat stomach, fabric is your friend. Wearing something slinkier and less forgiving like silk is one way to have everyone looking while still maintaining an elegant edge. Another way to showcase your tummy is focusing on cut. Wearing a column style gown that runs in one straight line really highlights a naturally angular body.

Did you like Miley's look or think something more subtle could have suited her better?


Image via Jared Milgrim/Corbis

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