Kim Kardashian Needs to Come Clean About Her Plastic Surgery

kim kardashian plastic surgeryHere we go again ... More accusations about Kim Kardashian's extreme plastic surgery are flying in the tabloids this week. OK! says the new mama is "obsessed" with going under the knife, plastering three different shots of her face over the years across the cover to prove their point. But come on, do they have to do much proving at all?

Despite the fact that Kim has come out swinging against assertions that she slimmed down post-North with cosmetic treatments and insists that exercise and a protein-packed diet are to thank for her new body, it's hard to believe her. All you have to do is LOOK at the woman to know she's had a ton of work done!


OK! cites experts who guess she's had everything from breast augmentation to having her nose thinned (it is seriously looking more and more Wacko Jacko by the day, right?) and "the area of skin between her butt and thighs done to make her look toned at all times." Hmm.

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Don't get me wrong -- I'm sure Kim did/does do Atkins and hit the gym hard after giving birth. But that's not all she did. Her face alone looks waaaay different than it did even four years ago. And don't get me started on her ridiculous rear end! The fiction she'd have us believe is nothing short of irresponsible.

It's one thing to keep your lips sealed, but to claim diet and exercise alone delivered a seriously slimmed-down body in a matter of 4-5 months is galling and insulting. And well, the fibbing about her face is a total joke.

I'd even go so far as to blame what she's doing for the epidemic of eating disorders and poor body image we have in this country. Because the results she's touting as natural are not. And sadly, far too many women look at her or celebs like her and think they should and could achieve something similar, and when they don't, they resort to extremes ... Just not the kind of extremes Kim goes to in a posh, discreet Beverly Hills clinic.

And that's only one of the MANY reasons it would be beyond admirable if Kim would just come clean and admit that she's a fan of plastic surgery. After all, it's not like anyone would begrudge her given all the eyes glued to and tongues wagging about her famous rear alone.

Do you believe Kim slimmed down post-baby without the help of plastic surgery?


Image via OK!

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