Beyonce Shares Rare Bikini Shots, Putting EVERY Other Celeb to Shame (PHOTOS)

beyonceBeyonce is crafty when it comes to what she posts on her Instagram (follower speaking here). She rarely posts selfies or full-on pics of her daughter, instead opting for things like old Destiny's Child photoshoot shots (#TBT); a tropical drink she's enjoying (#TurksandCaicos); or a strategic pic of Blue Ivy, where you can only see half her earlobe (#myboo). But today? Today Bey went balls to the wall, posting not one, but two up-close and personal bikini shots. And dear lord, if I looked like that, you'd have to physically restrain me from uploading pictures of myself in a bathing suit. Beyonce looks fantastic. (And she is definitely not pregnant for anyone who still believed that rumor.)



Bey showed off her rock hard abs in the pic, as well as her long legs and hair. (Hey, what happened to her pixie cut?!) Her bikini is seriously adorable, but most of all, Beyonce looks happy and relaxed, which can't be an easy feat when you're in a hell hole like that. That beach looks disgusting.

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I love that Bey's bikini pics are simply happy, fun vacation shots, instead of sultry, super sexy photos, like certain celebrities have a tendency towards on social media. It's why we love Beyonce so much. But, seriously, how the hell did you get that body, and where is that bathing suit from? #Jealous

What do you think of Beyonce's bikini shots? Gorgeous? Tacky?


Images via Beyonce/Instagram

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