Courteney Cox Claims Water & Sleep Make Her Look So Young -- Cough, Cough!

Ever wonder how celebrities stay so young looking? Well, to hear them tell it, it's got nothing to do with plastic surgery, Botox, fillers, or any of that nasty stuff. Nope, they usually chalk it up to something the rest of us are also doing but somehow, on them, it takes years off their faces! Courteney Cox is the latest celebrity to come up with some outrageously suspicious explanation for her eerily youthful looks. In a new Pantene commercial, she says about her wrinkle-free face: "I would say the most important thing to do to keep up with time would be drink a boat load of water and sleep is imperative." Bwahahaha! No, folks, Courteney was not making a bad joke.


To Courteney's credit, she says she is also addicted to beauty products, admitting: "I really do spend a lot of time trying products, I'm crazy for it."

Let's get real here. Drinking five gallons of water a day and getting 20 hours of sleep is not going to make your forehead smooth as a baby's ass, like Courteney's is. I have no definitive proof, but I'd say Court isn't adverse to a little Botox and filler.

Courteney joins a long list of celebs who have "revealed" their so-called anti-aging secrets. Here's a small sample:

Madonna has credited her wrinkle-free skin to "probiotics" and being "happy."

Julia Roberts has denied using Botox despite a forehead that looks like it belongs in a wax museum.

Jennifer Lopez says she has never had "plastic surgery of any kind" but neglects to mention Botox or fillers.

Joan Collins credits her remarkably youthful looks to avocados and oxygen facials.

Jennifer Aniston apparently eschews Botox in favor of petroleum jelly.

As for Demi Moore? It's all about the moisturizer.

And Nicole Kidman? Sunscreen!

Okay, I don't want to laugh too hard, it might give me wrinkles.

Hey, nobody is obligated to admit they use Botox, fillers, or have had a little nip and tuck. But let me be the first to tell real ladies out there that no amount of water, avocados, or sunscreen is going to erase wrinkles or keep them from creeping up on a 45-year-old forehead.

Just FYI.

Do you think celebs lie about their beauty routine?

Image via BusinessWire/YouTube

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