Jessica Simpson's Jaw-Dropping Red Dress Should Stun Her Baby Weight Critics Into Silence (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson It's not a revelation that Jessica Simpson is beautiful. It's also not news (if you follow all things Hollywood) that she was given an insane amount of flack for the mortal sin of gaining weight while pregnant. What the hell, people? Seriously, we are all the worst and should be forced to pay for our crimes.

It's no small wonder that Jess wanted to debut her (forgive the phrase I'm about to use) post-baby body and prove to the world that she is still hot/desirable/not fat. It's easy for her to stun because she's an absolute knock-out, something her red and black printed frock showcased to perfection.


The woman has major curves, and the dress proves it. But it also seems a tad, uh, tight? Like, she looks amazing but I also have serious reservations about her ability to carry on a prolonged conversation without keeling over from lack of oxygen. I think going a size up would've really helped her to look and feel far more comfortable than she appears to be here. She is still so tiny!

Jessica Simpson

But Jess never gets off easy. Even blasting the competition out of the water in this killer ensemble, she's still got to deal with folks hither and yon discussing her lips -- did she or did she not plump that pout? My vote is for 'no'. Her lips have always been on the fuller side. Plus we all know how that magical lip gloss can make even the tiniest pucker a full-on, bee-sting-style pout.

What do you think of Jessica's look?


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