Kate Moss Goes Topless for 'Playboy' & Looks Half Her Age

kate moss bunny earsIt's a rare 39-year-old supermodel who can still call herself a supermodel -- even more rare is a 39-year-old supermodel who can grace (and I mean grace) the cover of Playboy having never (as far as we know) gone under the knife. But that's Kate Moss for you! The lovely-as-ever muse posed topless -- with bunny ears! -- for the magazine's 60th anniversary, and damn ... girlfriend looks good.

Full disclosure: I'm not the biggest Playboy fan ever. Sure, sure, most guys read it "for the articles," HAHAHAHAHA (the writing is really good, though), and it's a free country and I'm no prude, thank you very much -- but I AM a woman, and generally speaking, the exploitation-of-females stench clinging to every cover model and centerfold is frankly something of a turn-off. 


And YES, I know the models are getting paid handsomely and blah blah blah, but when you take the massive plastic surgery bills these women have to pay to look like that into account, they're probably barely breaking even!

Which brings me back to the sheer awesome-ness of Kate Moss. Because (again, as far as we know) the model has never had any plastic surgery done; she's certainly -- famously -- never gotten breast implants, being the post-Twiggy poster child for "waifish" figures. Her lips look exactly the same as when she made her debut in the biz, which is to say non-injected with fillers; her face doesn't appear to be freakishly tight. It's possible, I suppose, that Moss is an ageless vampire ... but that's still better than trying to escape one's own mortality via the human Barbie doll route.

So, in short: If somebody's gotta pose for the cover -- and the insides -- of Playboy, I'm glad it's Kate Moss. She's the real deal.

What do you think of Kate Moss on the cover of Playboy?

Image via Playboy

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