7 DIY Beauty Treatments No One Should Try at Home (PHOTOS)

botoxAs far as I'm concerned, do-it-yourself beauty treatments are typically a smart way to go. Why shell out cash every time you need a manicure if you have time to give yourself one. However, some things should always be left to the professionals ... like Botox injections. I was shocked to hear that a growing number of women are giving themselves those stinging shots. And the result isn't always a wrinkle-free forehead. Some people suffer horrific side effects like a lopsided appearance, drooping eyebrows, or even permanent muscle paralysis. With risks like that, why would anyone do this to themselves? But Botox isn't the only DIY procedure to avoid. Here are other at-home beauty treatments that can go horribly wrong.

What other at-home beauty treatments should we avoid?


Image via Sarah/Flickr


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