7 DIY Beauty Treatments No One Should Try at Home (PHOTOS)

botoxAs far as I'm concerned, do-it-yourself beauty treatments are typically a smart way to go. Why shell out cash every time you need a manicure if you have time to give yourself one. However, some things should always be left to the professionals ... like Botox injections. I was shocked to hear that a growing number of women are giving themselves those stinging shots. And the result isn't always a wrinkle-free forehead. Some people suffer horrific side effects like a lopsided appearance, drooping eyebrows, or even permanent muscle paralysis. With risks like that, why would anyone do this to themselves? But Botox isn't the only DIY procedure to avoid. Here are other at-home beauty treatments that can go horribly wrong.

What other at-home beauty treatments should we avoid?


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  • Eyelash Extensions


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    There is nothing natural about putting glue on your eyes. Some people have complained of infections on their eyelids and cornea. Ouch.

  • Ear Candling


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    The idea behind this is that the smoke or burning wick helps draw out earwax. But if you don't know what you are doing, you risk external burns or obstruct the ear canal.

  • Hot Wax


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    Needless to say, if not careful you can seriously burn your skin. Also, one common misconception: the wax gets so hot, it will kill any germ in the wax I am reusing. WRONG. Bacteria can grow in it, so fresh wax is essential.

  • Brazilian Blowout


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    There is no doubt that Brazilian Blowouts make your hair look incredible. If you've battled with curly, humidity-plagued hair, then it can be a God-send. And while you may think you have the skills of a hairstylist, this one is better left to the professionals. This process requires chemicals. In the past, some brands have actually used formaldehyde. Why would you want to mess with something morticians use to embalm bodies?

  • Glycolic Face Peel


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    Keep in mind, this is an acid. While it can do wonder do wonders for your skin, it could also leave your face feeling burned and irritated. They may be sold over-the-counter but this isn't right for every skin type.

  • Tanning Bed


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    Contrary to what some people believe, tanning beds do not protect you from skin cancer. Those artificial rays can be harmful too. So getting a tanning bed for your home is a very bad idea. At least at the salon, there is a staffer monitoring how much time you spend in one session.

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