Jessica Simpson's Flawless 'Makeup-Free' Look Is Not What It Seems (PHOTO)

Jessica SimpsonSheesh. Could she possibly be any cuter? After seeing this new virtually makeup-free photo of Jessica Simpson, it's clear that she doesn't have to put a whole lot of effort into getting ready in the morning.

This shot was taken while she was out and about in New York City yesterday -- and you gotta love the California glow she has going on despite the frigid northeast temperatures.

But even though Jess has obviously perfected the fresh-faced look -- we can all learn a lesson in how to achieve it for ourselves by copying the easy trick she's using here.


It's so simple it's actually kind of stupid -- pale pink lip gloss. Yep, that's it.

Let me guess -- it's the first thing you noticed when you looked at this pic, right? That's the point. It immediately draws the eye to her smile, and it gives her a finished, polished look without appearing the least bit overdone or fussy.

Yeah, so maybe she has a tiny bit of eyeliner or blush going on too -- but the lips are really what make the whole look, here.

Granted, it definitely helps matters that Jessica has picture-perfect skin -- but it really is amazing how much a little dab of gloss can brighten up your face.

Just look at her -- she's practically glowing! No wonder she has such a huge smile on her face. Who wouldn't be happy about being such a natural beauty?

Do you ever leave the house without lip gloss or lipstick even if you aren't wearing any other makeup?


Image via Splash

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