Kate Middleton's Drastic New Hair Is Absolutely Stunning (PHOTOS)

Kate MiddletonAs if Kate Middleton doesn't have enough to deal with during her day-to-day being a Duchess and mom to adorable Prince George, she's gotten a whole lot of flack lately for her gray hairs. Which is why, just like any lady, you can't blame her for doing something drastic. Get this: the Kate Middleton has dyed her hair dark. Like really dark. As in, she's gone a rich chestnut brown, and man, she looks wonderful!

Allegedly Kate went to famous UK stylist Rossano Ferretti (considering she ditched her longtime stylist James Pryce) and sat in the chair for SIX hours to update her look. If you think six hours at the salon is crazy, just wait until you hear how much she paid for a hair color and gloss process: $800.

Okay, so that's what they're saying anyway. Regardless, guys -- this is huge!! Kate looks GORGEOUS!!


For a second, let's look at what Kate's hair looked like pre-dye job, shall we?

Kate Middleton

I mean, she's still gorgeous (even soon after giving birth!). But this darker look is so sophisticated, so pretty, so ... winter.

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You know what I mean, don't you? How many women do you know who, once the winter time comes, opt for darker styles? Me, I know a ton. I think it's fitting come the chillier temperatures to warm up your look. However, there are some things to consider before taking the dark-haired plunge:

1. Think long-term: If you're going dark to stay dark, then permanent colors are fine. However, if this is just a winter hue you're looking to sport for a few months, then choosing a semi-permanent color will be better in the long run since it's less damaging and easier to remove from the hair.

2. Dark colors tend to make you look pale: It's not exactly a science. The darker the hair, the more pale you'll look. Considering most of us are most pale in the winter months, that could be a huge game-changer for some women.

3. You'll need maintenance: If you have grays, they'll peek through your brown hair just like your blond. If you're choosing a semi-permanent color, you'll need to refresh your style a few times throughout the season -- which could be pricey.

Have you ever dyed your hair darker?


Images via Splash News, Pacific Coast News

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