Reese Witherspoon’s Bold New Hairstyle Is Only for the Very Brave (PHOTO)

Reese WitherspoonThere seems to be a trend in Hollywood of celebs cutting off their long, famous locks. First came Pamela Anderson, who went with a pixie cut. Jennifer Lawrence followed suit. Then Jennifer Aniston said goodbye to her enviable beachy waves and got a blunt angled cut. Now we have Reese Witherspoon, who recently stepped out missing a few inches of her flaxen hair.


Reese looks really cute. I didn't like the similar cut on Jennifer Aniston, whose face is too long for short hair. Plus, when you've got amazeballs hair like hers, WHY would you cut it off?

But Reese, at 37 years old, has sliced a few years off her age with the long bob. Her face is rounder, so she can pull it off. It shows off her huge smile. But I will say I like her with long hair better -- I'm just a long hair kinda gal.

No word on why Reese suddenly went short. Jennifer Aniston had fried her hair with a Brazilian and Jennifer Lawrence admitted she'd chopped hers off because it was damaged from too many dye jobs.

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Since Reese is a natural blonde, that wouldn't have been her problem. Maybe she just wanted a change. Reese was filming the movie Wild on the Pacific Crest Trail and had already shortened her hair to more resemble author Cheryl Strayed, whom she portrays. Maybe she was sick of all that dirt in her hair.

I will personally never have the balls to go with hair this short, but I sorta envy those who do.

At any rate, totally cute Reese. I give you thumbs up, girl.

Do you like her new cut?


Image via Splash News

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