First Pic of Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele Is Disappointing at Best (PHOTO)

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Dakota JohnsonNow that filming for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is officially underway, we're finally getting a look at Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. Photos of the actress were snapped in between takes in Vancouver.

And while she really does fit the physical description of Ana perfectly, something about the transformation just seems a bit ... well ... BLAH to me.

Sure, the dark hair and bangs put Dakota right into character. But doesn't her overall look seem a bit disappointing?

I know Ana is supposed to be kind of a plain Jane and all -- but Dakota just looks so frumpy in this shot. Granted, she's dressed for Seattle weather with the jacket and scarf -- but doesn't she give off way less of a wow factor than you'd expect? (Or maybe that's the point ...)

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She just looks kind of worn out or something. And I guess that would make sense if this particular scene is supposed to be after one of her steamy all-nighters with Christian. But given that this pic was taken on day one of filming -- it's probably safe to assume she hasn't met him quite yet, right? (Unless they're filming out of order, of course.)

Since this is only our first glimpse of Ana, I guess we shouldn't use this pic to judge whether or not she'll be a hot ticket in the film. But hopefully for some of the more (ahem) animated scenes -- the stylists will up her sexy factor just a little bit for the sake of the flick.

Is this how you pictured Anastasia Steele?


Image via Splash

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TMK919 TMK919

OMG give the girl a freakin break!!

nonmember avatar FSOG

Disappointing is putting it mildly! She looks horrible! The hair, the makeup...everything...its all wrong. Ana is naturally beautiful and wears only a little makeup...just mascara and some lip gloss. Problem is, Dakota is NOT naturally beautiful and needs a lot of makeup. When they try to make her into the character of Ana with minimal makeup, she looks ugly!

nonmember avatar stir=rubbish

show the worse photo just to stir SHIT!!!! rubbish !!!!!

nonmember avatar dawn

OMG is right. As the author of this piece, have you actually read the books or done research? Ana's transformation from dowdy college student to sophisticated mom/wife and career woman is very important. FSOG- Christain is not attracted to her looks at first sight. He is actually put off by her walmart clothes. He becomes interested when she talks about the collection of pics on his office wall. As for the first scene they worked on it was scene 25 according to E.L. James pic she tweeted yesterday. I think the look is just right for the early scenes and maybe even most of the scenes in the first book. My point Ms. Fischer is if you're going to STIR SHIT UP know what you're talking about!

lalab... lalaboosh

Vancouver isn't in Seattle....

nonmember avatar Hannah Sullivan

You contradict your own opinions so often, it's hard to even decipher WHAT you think. Then again, that could be due to the poor writing. Or the fact that you evidently wrote this "article" for the sole purpose of insulting another woman's appearance.

nonmember avatar Ale

She's so old looking and ugly...Ana in books is a simple poor girl with no sense of fashion, but she is young, innocent and beautiful! Dakota is so out of character...she's a total misfit!

Jessica Webb

it seems to me that is when she is waiting to interview him is what it appears to fit i think it is expected

Rikki Sue Clark

My god people, get over it... she has the role, it's not going to change. They show one shitty pic of her and its all the sudden the end of the world!!!!! I think she looks cute, and looks the part. Read the damn books, she wasn't sexy at all when he first met her. She gradually transforms into the "inner goddess"  Everyone had a melt down with Twilights choice of actors as well and it turned out just fine! You can't please everyone! I'm excited to see how it turns out!

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