Kim Kardashian Is No Fan of Undergarments (PHOTO)

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kim KardashianWe were all pleasantly surprised to learn about the Kardashian Thanksgiving. It involved not one dramatic moment and more than one homemade pie -- so awesomeness did truly abound on that day where we celebrate Turkey murder. But another Kardashian was having a less surprising (if not less entertaining) adventure this Pilgrim-tide. 

That's right, it was Kim Kardashian. She's been out following Kanye West on his tour, and via her Instagram she shared her own Thanksgiving gift with the world -- a cut-out black dress that it made it clear she spurns undergarments. Ah, a woman after my own heart. 

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That's right, when Kim's not vanquishing the evil tentacle aliens who reside on planet Throbtron, she is vanquishing her underpants. I mean, she could have worn this dress with panties, but it would have seemed a little, I don't know, busy?

 Kim Kardashian

Strangely this isn't even close to being the most scandalous thing sister-friend has ever worn. Long may the photo of her in her white butt-bearing leotard haunt our collective memories. My own behind quivers with low self-esteem at the mere thought. Weirdly, I happen to dig this look on Kim. The high neckline more than makes up for the dress's other sins.

Do you like or loathe this look on Kim?


Images via Instagram;  Instagram

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flood... flood1971

Turkey murder? That struck me more than what the article was actually about. No one really cares if someone goes commando. She's shown us all her bits already, so this is pointless. And yes, we kill turkeys and eat them. God bless America, we all have choices. Frankly, the Kardashians and associated buttholes go down better while gnawing on a turkey leg.

Lilit... Lilith.23

Kind of dumb i have the same type of dress and i wear a thong, just got to be careful the strings don't show.taaadaaa --"

nonmember avatar Commonsense

I wish she would just go away and take her ugly psycho fiancé with her!!


@flooda971: That's the same thing that jumped out at me too, as well as the "t"  in turkey being a capital "t". Dresses with strategically  placed cut-outs? Hold the presses!

BGarcel BGarcel

As Lilith pointed out, she could easily be wearing a g string. Not everyone wears panties -_-

flood... flood1971

I believe that the article coupling Kim K's umpteenth porn star outfit with an opener referring to Turkey murder is...different. A new journalistic tactic? My head is spinning with the possibilities of...idiocy, lol!

Mommy... Mommynwife26

How do you know she wasn't? Were you there looking up her dress? She could have had the straps hidden in fact in another photo on her Instagram you can almost see a shiny gold strap by her hip. People coming up with freaking rumors again!

hello... hellokd87

Panties actually can create lumps whereas going commando smooths out the unwanted bulge!!

Shelli Navarro

She looks great. Keep up the good work. And ladies stop being jealous. We are all beautiful in our own way.
Ciao, SJN

nonmember avatar rohit

"God bless America, we all have choices".

A choice to kill? Are the turkeys given a choice to kill? But hey, we kill our own fetuses too - we are the land of freedom.

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