Paula Patton's New Haircut Is All Wrong For Her (PHOTO)

Paula Patton, a.k.a. Mrs. Robin Thicke -- a.k.a. the woman who inspired "Blurred Lines" -- doesn't need to take beauty advice because she's naturally stunning. Her face and body are flawless and she just looks like one of those women who could step outside without a stitch of makeup and stop traffic.

There was always something exotic and unique about her slightly feral look and her long, luxuriously wavy dark hair only helped to intensify that. But Paula, like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Anison, and Pamela Anderson, decided to hell with all that and has become the latest star to chop off her hair into a neat little bob. It's striking, it's Chicago-dramatic...but it just doesn't look like Paula anymore. 


I know the bob and it's longer cousin, the lob, are huge trends right now. I think many women look really beautiful with their hair out of their faces and worn short enough to display an elegant neck. And I'd be crazy to say Paula looks less than gorgeous with her new cut:

I mean, it's super cute and totally chic. All it takes now for her to look like a regal princess is a little white dress and a hairbrush. BUT it kind of changes her identity from Super-Hot-Devil-May-Care actress to just another cute actress. I loved how she was one of far too few women in Hollywood who continue to rock their very long hair (and natural color) after age 35 (Paula is 37). 

This sudden celebrity race to the salon has got me thinking about some of the actresses who I hope don't bow down to the bob anytime soon. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Carrie Underwood -- I'm talking to you.

I almost added Angelina Jolie to this list because she's another celeb whose long hair is as much a part of her identity as her tattoos. But, honestly, I'm just a wee bit curious about how she would look with a shorter style. 

What do you think about Paula's new haircut?


Image via Paulapattonxo/Instagram

Image via Pacific Coast News 

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