Keith Urban Gets Drastic Haircut That's Rockin' Our World (PHOTOS)

keith urban haircutI'm not alone in thinking that one of the hottest things about Keith Urban is his hair. I love that he doesn't always wear a cowboy hat to cover it up even though he is soooo country cool. Okay, it's his hair that makes him hot. And the way he looks in jeans. And that accent. And the way he sings. And how he seems so down to earth. And ... well, everything. So when I heard he cut off those locks I love, I got really nervous. WHAT? WHY? Don't mess with perfection, Keith. 

He posted this photo on Twitter with the caption, "Snow ain't the only thing falling in Nashville today!!" So it's done. He did it. The longish shaggy hair is gone. And then he posted the results of the haircut ... and it took my breath away!


Oh. My. Word. Keith knows what he's doing. This haircut is HOT. Still sort of long on top so he can swing it around when he's onstage. And he's showing off more of that neck that lucky Nicole Kidman gets to kiss. Notice, too, it's a selfie. Good work, Keith. Dare I say it makes him look younger? The haircut rules. So does that sexy salt and pepper scruff.

What do you think of Keith's new haircut?


Image via Keith Urban/Twitter

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