Lady Gaga Has a Great Excuse for Copying Donatella Versace (PHOTOS)

lady gaga SNLLady Gaga in Versace on 'SNL'Even those who are uninitiated into the world of high fashion know Donatella Versace's signature look ... The long, blond mane, slinky, brightly-colored dresses, chunky jewelry, etc. Well, now Lady Gaga -- whose signature look is always-evolving -- has begun looking suspiciously like Donatella. (When she rode in on that faux horse at the American Music Awards last night, you coulda sworn it WAS Donatella!) But before you start squawking that she's such a ripoff artist, calm down: I'd say the Donatella impression's intentional, being that Gaga's the new face of Versace!

The design house announced the exciting news via Twitter this weekend, along with a first glimpse at the campaign. Check it out ...



Then, Gaga herself tweeted the news, sharing another shot.

Gorgeous, but geeze -- the only way she could look any more like Donatella would be if she got a face transplant! It's hard to say why she's mimicking the designer so closely, although I'd guess there's some sort of navel-gazing, metaphysical, identity crisis symbolism involved. And the two seem to be BFFs. (She's even got a song called "Donatella" on her new album ARTPOP.)

Either way, this new Versace gig makes perfect sense for Gaga. And it's not just about her looking like Donatella. She's also embodies the same sort of vibrant, flashy, colorful, unapologetically sexual image as the brand. Really, it's a collabo that's a match made in fashion heaven!

What do you think about Gaga working with Versace?

Image via Dana Edelson/NBC

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