Taylor Swift's New Haircut Totally Outshined That Amazing Gold Dress (PHOTO)

taylor swiftI'm taking some beauty and style notes from the red carpet at the American Music Awards last night and while I do love Lady Gaga, anything she did is on my do not ever do list. Taylor Swift, however, was golden. Quite literally.

Taylor turned it out. That gold dress is phenomenal. Her toned perfectly posed arms look amazing. She's not overly tanned or fake looking. That sexy kitten look in her eyes -- smizing -- perfection. And now let's talk about that hair. That hair!

It looks to me that Taylor got a few more face framing layers. I love her with bangs. Don't you think it makes her look a little bit older?


I don't mean that in a bad way. She's way under 35 -- you can never say anyone over 35 looks older. Ever. But Taylor's just 23 and looks mature and dare I say sophisticated but in a shiny gold dress wearing kind of way. She even looks a bit Victoria Secret model. Just don't tell Jessica Hart that since she might get mad.

She won a bunch of awards, got to give an honor to Justin Timberlake, and she rocked what I thought was THE look of the night at the AMAs. Way to go Taylor! Harry Styles ... eat your heart out. I have a feeling this exact hairstyle is one many women are going to be taking a photo of to their stylist and saying Make me look like this. The layers give the hair so much body and movement, yet they are long enough to still have that sexy tousled feel.

What do you think of Taylor's hair? Did you also love the dress?


Image via Splash

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