Khloe Kardashian's New Look Is Just Way Too Dirty (PHOTOS)

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khloe kardashian slick rick hair styleKhloe Kardashian's done it again! She shared a shot of herself on Instagram wearing a Danny Zuko-inspired hair 'do and Grease-y look -- complete with massive hoop earrings and a black leather jacket. This isn't the first time she's attempted the edgy look, either ...

Remember back in September, admist rumors of divorce, that Koko hit the streets in pretty much the same exact biker chick style? It was sorta hot the first time, but now ... kiinda just looks like she didn't want to wash her hair.

Maybe it's that I'm NOT one of those people who can go days without washing their hair. It's natural tendency is to get oily fast, and while that works for certain hair textures -- thick, curly hair, for instance! -- it makes my fine strands look flat, gross, and unkempt. But Khloe's greasy 'do doesn't exactly look healthy or vibrant either.

Maybe I'm also not a fan of the look, because she's got the kind of hair that looks way hotter in big bombshell waves. Like here:


Or beachy waves like she sported just a few days ago:

And if she wants to go for swept-back, I'm loving this Grecian goddess hairstyle, too:

Being the fashionista that she is, I get why she'd want to experiment with the "Slick Rick" style, but it's apparent she can do way better!

Which Khloe hair style is your fave? How do you feel about her greasy slicked-back look?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Good lord... I hadnt washed my hair in a couple days and it looked like the greasy photo... Who knew I was working some high fashion? lol

Anast... AnastasiaKorsh

She doesn't look awful, but it's not get best look. I like her beach waves.

adamat34 adamat34

She looks like a man

nonmember avatar Jessica

As long as she likes it that's all that matters💕

Claudia Lupis

who gives a shit if she has her hair slicked back havent use girls ever heard of change come on give her a break

nonmember avatar Koko

Your articles are similar to adolescent lunch table rants.. Lame...

nonmember avatar devlin

people are so quick to judge her...if u dont look half as good or make a fraction of what she makes in a week fall back and grab a mirror im sure u have a pic of yourself and let us judge u

nonmember avatar debbie

I dought it was her being lazy about washing her hair,, Im sure she has the best dry spray shampoo that's on the market and my fav is " not your mothers shampoo"by clean freak,, everyone should go as long as they can in between washing hair, makes it healthy and not dry out. with this product it refreshes like it was just blowed out!so she certainly choose the look:) You Go Khole♥you look beautiful inside an out:) your hair looks so healthy we need your secret hair remedies/ your smile alone makes you look beautiful ,,certainly everyone Ioves a new bold style to ck out .we all get board with no change. Fact is klo has the convidence for any style., most couldnt pull this look off whether dirty or clean hair and not every hair day is perfect some unfotantaly some don't go as planned were not barbies lol.YOU GO KHLOE LOOKING GOOD AS ALWAYS ,-☆☆KEEP SHINING-★★love, from a kardashian fan♥

Carol Sumpter

I like all the hairdos the greesy one is just about the best, and georgous in the blue dress as she poes oh so tall.

2nino... 2ninos4me

The only dirty thing in this article is YOUR attitude ! She looks gorgeous and her beachy waves are her not good look but I still dont have to rip her to pieces to say that I don't like her hair do .... it must be so nice to have a job where you get paid to judge and rip to pieces other ppl's reputation !!!!

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