1 Beauty Splurge Your Face Needs Right Now

facialEven though I know very well that at the age of 36, it's probably about high time I paid more attention to taking care of my skin -- I'm not always great about doing it. Sure ... I was awesome about it a couple years ago, and then somewhere along the way I just got really lazy about keeping up with a good skin care regimen.

Well, that and I started feeling guilty about spending extra money on something like my face, which seems sort of vain and frivolous.

But last weekend, I got a swift kick in the butt (no, not literally) about just how important it is to pay attention to all things skin related now so they don't go in the crapper down the road.


I took the day to myself and went to the spa, and in addition to a massage, manicure, and eyebrow wax -- I splurged and got myself the "four layer facial."

No, it wasn't cheap. Not even close. But I as I lay there having my face massaged, cleansed, detoxified, and pampered -- I couldn't believe this was the first time in two to three years that I'd had this luxurious treatment done. And I know it sounds so simple, getting a facial, that is. But OMG -- if you've never had one or it's been a long time since you have? It's like, the most wonderful experience ever. You will not even believe the difference in your skin afterward.

A week later, my face still looks smoother, brighter, and it's so soft that I find it hard to stop touching it all day long. Without all of those dead skin cells sitting on top of my face, it's like a few years have suddenly been erased from my age to the point where I'm actually afraid of how I'll look if I don't keep up with my facials from now on.

Yes, there are definitely certain areas where women can afford to cut corners to save a little cash when it comes to beauty. But from here on out, a facial is one thing I absolutely refuse to feel guilty about spending money on -- even if it seems a bit on the indulgent side.

Hey, at least by shelling out some extra dough now, we're potentially saving ourselves from having to spend a whole lot more 10 or 15 years down the road, right?

Do you get regular facials?


Image via Zenspa1/ Flickr

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