6 Clothing Items & Accessories You Should Ditch After 30 (PHOTOS)

There's a good reason why few designers make onesies in our size -- adults look absurd and confused wearing items that are not age appropriate. The debate over whether your clothing has a shelf life has raged on for some time and many women stubbornly hold onto items their tween daughters would wear simply because they resent being told what to do.

I'm not suggesting you cut your hair or throw out your leopard coat or bikini. I'm talking about ditching items that make even the chicest 20-something look silly. Can you even picture Elizabeth Taylor trying to rock a poodle skirt just because all the kids were doing it? Nah, she knew how to dress like a WOMAN. And if she were alive and in her thirties today, you can bet she wouldn't be caught wearing any of these items. 

There are many clever ways to incorporate trends into your wardrobe -- no matter what your age -- without having to fully rock the trend in all its glory. If you choose instead to wear these 6 items after your 30th birthday, you risk looking like you're trying really hard to relive your teenage years again.  


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Eddie... EddiesMama1983

You're also too old to wear:

1- Most trends

2- Crop tops

2- Tube tops

3- Halter tops

4- Jeans

5- Leggings of any sort

6- Cheap fashion jewelry

7- Small pouch handbags

8- Bodycon dresses

9- Anything that you'd wear to a night club

10- Studded anything

11- Animal print(sad to say I think I'm a bit too old for it now :(

12- Bright makeup

13- Goth/punk anything

14- Bohemian



Katha... Katharine205

There nothing wrong with jeans, halter tops, trends or animal print in reasonable doses.  The cartoon/disney characters and footed pjs really are stupid after about 17.

nonmember avatar Kirstie

Well unless you are buying other women's clothes, you have absolutely no say on what they choose to wear! I am 31 and I will continue to wear my character tshirt and hoodies like I do every year at DisneyWorld, you can cringe all you want.

nonmember avatar Jill

LMAO @Eddiesmom, so what do you wear? I bet you are ahem.....a big girl. Right?!

nonmember avatar Cris

Bahaha @Jill, I was thinking same thing @Eddiesmama1983. I realize the things listed in the article are ridiculous for adults, but jeans, halters, bodycon, etc can all be worn with class and common sense. I bet you are such a great Mom that you gave up on sexy years ago.Or you are just lazy.

lulou lulou

@Eddiesmama, not even applebottom jeans, how about when paired with boots with the fur?

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I freakin HATE IT when other people tell me what I should or shouldnt be wearing. Fuck that! I never understood this concept. If YOU dont want ot wear flashy leggings or a Little Mermaid teeshirt, then dont >.<

Rando... Randomlady

I for one LOVE the tiny headbands, the floral or chain headband... it's either 60's or classy depending on the band.

I don't think I will ever toss out my character shirts/sweaters (or bedsheets for that matter) or tights.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

You know what? On my 30th birthday, I wore a tiara the ENTIRE day!! I made it to 30, I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone, let alone someone who doesn't even know me, tell me what I can or can not wear. Most of your list is stuff that nobody should wear, not just mom's over 30.

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