6 Clothing Items & Accessories You Should Ditch After 30 (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Nov 22, 2013 Beauty & Style

There's a good reason why few designers make onesies in our size -- adults look absurd and confused wearing items that are not age appropriate. The debate over whether your clothing has a shelf life has raged on for some time and many women stubbornly hold onto items their tween daughters would wear simply because they resent being told what to do.

I'm not suggesting you cut your hair or throw out your leopard coat or bikini. I'm talking about ditching items that make even the chicest 20-something look silly. Can you even picture Elizabeth Taylor trying to rock a poodle skirt just because all the kids were doing it? Nah, she knew how to dress like a WOMAN. And if she were alive and in her thirties today, you can bet she wouldn't be caught wearing any of these items. 

There are many clever ways to incorporate trends into your wardrobe -- no matter what your age -- without having to fully rock the trend in all its glory. If you choose instead to wear these 6 items after your 30th birthday, you risk looking like you're trying really hard to relive your teenage years again.  


Image via Boohoo.com

  • Cartoon Character Tops


    Image via Hot Topic

    A lot of us loved Disney princesses when we were little. But unless you promote animated films for a living, wearing sweatshirts and T-shirts that publicize your love of all things magical is just going to make your boss wonder if she should give you a holiday bonus or a plush doll. 

  • T-Shirts With Threatening Messages


    Image via Hot Topic

    We know, you're a badass. But dressing like Justin Bieber isn't advisable after a certain age (like 21). There's no good reason why anyone should look at you and think "Oh, I'm not going to come at her, bro" or "She really does look like a part-time princess, full-time bitch." 

  • Tiaras


    Image via Claires.com

    If Kate Middleton doesn't wear a tiara on a daily basis, then no woman over the age of 20 need wear one. 

  • Chain or Floral Headwraps


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    There's absolutely no need to ditch head accessories altogether -- kerchief headwraps give you a timeless Grace Kelly look and wide headbands can be very chic. But chain or floral headwraps, as cute as they are, can make us look like extras on the Game of Thrones set.

  • Neon Leggings


    Image via Forever 21

    A pop of neon peeking out from under a blazer can be super stylish, but wrapping your legs in what looks like glow-in-the-dark aluminum foil does little for you after a certain age. 

  • Giant, Ugly Sneakers


    Image via Aliexpress.com

    The only reason to wear colossal sneakers is if you play basketball and need to protect your feet. The only reason to wear anything Hello Kitty is if you're 8. 

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