Need Money? Sell Your Hair!

long hair

Photo by Tiera

Her locks would fetch a lot of cash!

Lots of us are thinking of creative ways to make money. I have taken my gently worn clothes and sold them to a second-hand store. But did you know you can sell your hair for cash, too?

Advertisement has a eye- (and hair-) raising piece on Unusual -- and legal -- ways to make money. The article shares how Desiré Henriksen lost her job and was worried there wouldn't be a Christmas for her two boys. She cut her hair (27 inches of it) and sold it for $1,200!

You can sell your hair by contacting the online sites The Hair Trader and Hairwork.

And, of course, you can also donate your hair to Locks of Love, a great organization that takes hair given to them by donors to make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness. No monetary payment will be received, but it certainly would make you feel rich inside doing something this nice for someone else.

Would you sell your hair for money?

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