Ke$ha's New 'Do Seems to Have Been Inspired by 'Jem & The Holograms'

keshaGoing to town on someone like singer (and star of an excellent MTV show) Ke$ha for her fashion-failings seems a little ridiculous. I mean, the woman is all about shock value. She loves a dirty, strange, and glitter-infused look. So when it comes to talking about what she's wearing or her haircuts, it's more of a shock-and-awe factor, not so much a "get the look" factor.

Her latest striking change was strange enough, though, that it even caught my eye. The girl has taken her bleached hair to another level -- she's dyed it every color of the rainbow. If I tried to do that at home, I'd wind up either bald or with hair the color of something a dog might throw up. Best leave risky styles like this to the professionals.


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On Madame K, however, it looks ... kind of flawless? I don't know what's wrong with me, you guys. I just praised Ke$ha's multi-hued head. Sigh. I blame the repeat viewings of (the best cartoon ever) Jem (truly, outrageous) at too young of an age. It looks like Ke$ha has taken a page from the Holograms' own style playbook with winning results.


If she can take inspiration from one cartoon character and make it look like high fashion, what's to stop her from trying out other animation-inspired looks? Forget Katy Perry -- I want to see Ke$ha's take on Smurf realness. Let's not stop there -- bring out the lasagna, because if anyone could make Garfield the Monday-hating cat look sexy as heck, I feel like maybe it's her. Then again it could simply be that I have lost my mind. Thoughts?

What weird TV shows or characters have you taken fashion cues from?

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