Melissa Joan Hart’s Crazy Makeup Malfunction Left Her Looking Super Sparkly (PHOTO)

melissa joan hartPoor Melissa Joan Hart. She got all gussied up and looked fab to walk the red carpet for the premiere of the Disney movie, Frozen. But her makeup artist apparently forgot that she'd be getting her photo taken all night with blindingly bright flashes.

If you're confused about what exactly is going on in this photo, allow me to explain. Remember a few years ago when Nicole Kidman appeared to have "coke nose" in photos, when it was really just highlighter on the tip of her nose? Yeah, that same thing happened to MJH last night. But all over her face.


If you've ever seen Kim Kardashian get her makeup done (who hasn't, right?), you know exactly what's going on here. Hart's makeup artist did a bit of contouring and highlighting. Basically, certain areas of Melissa's face were highlighted to give some definition and that dewy glow all celebs seem to have. (If you want to see the makeup technique in action, watch this video on contouring and highlighting.) In person, I'm sure Melissa looked amazing and totally unweird. But when the lights started flashing, it highlighted the highlighter a little too much. Bummer.

Either way, Melissa looked great, but I'm sure she was slightly perturbed when she saw photos of herself with a blindingly white forehead all over the Internet. So let this be a lesson, ladies. If you're going to strategically place highlighter on your face, refrain from using such a heavy hand. And try to stay off red carpets while you're at it, I guess.

Have you ever used highlighter?


Image via Splash

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