6 Seriously Ridiculous Fashion Trends No One Misses

bad fashionFashion is a fickle beast. The plaid skirts we loved in days gone by are quickly put aside in favor of the plaid flannel shirts we all must have today. There are some trends whose deaths break our little heart into a million pieces -- I'm still waiting for jumpsuits to REALLY come back.

Sure, we've all got the odd vest or pair of espadrilles hanging out in the hopes that they'll come back in vogue. Then there are those trends we could not get rid of fast enough. You know the ones I mean. I'm talking about the trends so god-awful that you couldn't even con YOURSELF into keeping them hanging out in your closet "just in case."


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I am a total hoarder when it comes to the contents of my closet. But even I know when the time has come to throw out that floral-print sweatshirt. Here are 6 fashion trends I'm sooo glad bit the big one.

1. Scrunchies


I don't care how "classy" the pattern is or how dire the hair-in-face situation may be. There is never any excuse for a scrunchie. See yourself out.

2. Saggy Pants


Nothing turns me into an old woman as quickly as the sight of someone "bustin' a sag." It had its time and place. That time is gone, that place is not here.

3. Shoulder Pads


You know why Bruce Willis is shaking? Because he does not want to make physical contact with shoulder pads big enough to make Cybill Shepherd look like a linebacker.

4. Jelly Shoes With Socks


Socks on their own? Naturally. Jelly sandals worn without socks? Fine, I'll allow it. Combine the two? Into the pool with you.

5. Crop Tops

crop tops

It is a popular misconception that anything Kelly Kapowski can rock, we all can rock. You are not Kelly Kapowski -- do you hear me EVERY PERSON INSIDE AMERICAN APPAREL? YOU ARE NOT KKAPS!

6. Big Hair

big hair

That's right. Never again will hair this large ever be a thing that we, as decent god-fearing humans, allow to happen. Do you hear me, Texas? Good. I'm glad we had this little talk.

What fashion trends were you happy to see die?

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