Miley Cyrus Debuts Creepiest Look Ever -- Yes, Worse Than the Tongue (PHOTO)

miley cyrusAAAAACK! If you've done any Instagram browsing today, you probably jumped in terror at the sight of a scary humanoid robot-type thing attacking Miranda Kerr!! But don't worry, you can climb down off that chandelier now -- that's no demonic mutant, it's just Miley Cyrus. Who, for some insane reason, apparently decided to bleach her eyebrows. WHY, Miley, why?! Has all that twerking damaged her brain somehow?? Maybe she was really, really stoned and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Or maybe this is just part of her actively ongoing campaign to freak everybody the freak out. (In which case, well done! Mission accomplished.) 

Here's the thing about bleached eyebrows: I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having them, I'm saying there's EVERYTHING wrong with having them. And believe me, after you see this pic, you'll feel the same way ...


miley cyrus


Oy. Not only are bleached eyebrows quite possibly the least flattering look on any human being, as far as shock value goes, they've been done so many times that the initial displeasure upon viewing them fades ridiculously fast: Oh, some weirdo bleached his/her eyebrows again. Whatevs. 

The "trend" has been around for decades, too, dating all the way back to Andy Warhol actress Jane Forth and David Bowie in the '70s. Since then, the list of notable no-eyebrowed types has expanded to include the likes of Chloe Sevigny, Kristen McMenamy, Karen Elson, Lady Gaga, Whoopi Goldberg (sort of) ... even Martha Plimpton in the movie Parenthood. So it's not original or even effective ... it's just ugly. Miley, you are a pretty girl!! Just accept that fact and move on!!

What do you think of Miley Cyrus' new bleached eyebrows?


Images via Instagram

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