12 Beauty Secrets We Hide From Our Men

woman doing makeup in the bathroom
Sure, being in a long-term, committed relationship means sharing many, if not the most, intimate, personal details with someone else. But it's perfectly legit to keep certain things sacred ... like beauty routines we're either embarrassed to share or want to keep to ourselves to maintain an air of mystery.

Similar to things no woman should do in front of her husband and a man should never do in front of his wife, we all have rituals we're happier keeping under wraps! Here, 12 women's real beauty secrets they're not spilling any time soon ...

  1. "I'm getting laser hair removal on my facial hair, and it's just way too embarrassing to share with my husband. He may already realize I have lady fur, but I'm not drawing attention to it anytime soon!"
  2. "My husband actually knows I get laser hair removal, but I don't tell him where."
  3. "The RIDICULOUS amount of perfume & scented lotion I own! I actually had it separated out into 'Spring/Summer' and 'Fall/Winter' because I could only fit one pair of seasons in the cabinet I had to get to hold them all."
  4. "Trimming my hoo-ha with his head trimmer! I do it after he leaves in the a.m."
  5. "I have a handful of chest-ish hairs that I pluck out. Ugh, it's even gross to write it! But I can't imagine other ladies don't do it too. This is a thing I kept from him for nearly six years!"
  6. "Even when I'm wearing just a little bit of mascara and foundation, I'll tell my boyfriend it's au naturel!"
  7. "He doesn't need to know about a little Botox here and there, right?"
  8. "All the threading I get ..."
  9. "My Sunday ritual of Crest White Strips/Ponds cleansing strips and hair conditioning treatment. Then, I put lotion all over my legs after I shave. It's like my pretty day! And it's for me."
  10. "I joke about going to get my eyebrows done all the time. I'll be like, 'Gotta go get my eyebrow (singular) made plural!' But he doesn't need to know about the chin hair. Ohhhh, the chin hair!"
  11. I don't want him to know I can go four to five days without washing my hair, and it still looks awesome. Like if my hair is straight, the best day is usually the third day. Then, when I wash my hair finally, it's perfect curls."
  12. "There's one random hair on my boob!"

All right, confession time: What's the beauty secret you (try to) keep from your partner ... or if you don't want to share publicly (we understand!), can you relate to any of the above?!


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