Jennifer Lawrence Risks Major Wardrobe Malfunction in Sexy Black Dress (PHOTO)

Jennifer LawrenceYowza! Get a load of Jennifer Lawrence's side boob at the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in Paris Friday night. Um, is she bustin' out of this dress, or is she bustin' out of this dress? I mean, I know side boobs are nothing new -- but this little black number is so revealing, it's almost as if she were asking for a major wardrobe malfunction to go down.

(Who knew JLaw had such a bold, sexy side?)


Even though they're all the rage right now, side boobs aren't easy to pull off, especially in a dress like this that practically invites them to pop out unexpectedly at any given moment.

She must've had some serious double-sided tape going on to hold things in place -- though it doesn't hurt that gravity is still on her side. (Oh, to be 23 again. Sigh.)

But even though this frock is definitely on the risqué side, don't you think Jennifer still looks really, really classy? The dress is still elegant even though it's revealing -- maybe because it has more of an A-line shape going on versus being too tight?

And the dark red lipstick and sexy, short haircut certainly give her a more sophisticated vibe as well. OMG. She's just stunning. I think I might wanna be her.

What do you think of Jennifer's look? Does the side boob cheapen it?


Image via Splash

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