Singer Adele Snubs $19 Million Makeup Contract Because She Is TRULY Beautiful

Remember when Adele first broke onto the scene -- the songstress is such a legend, it seems like eons ago now -- and lots of people couldn't look past the fact that she didn't weigh 100 pounds? Oh, they raved about her voice, because how could you not, but somewhere, after praising her talent and swearing they loved her music, they couldn't help themselves and had to make some not-so-nice comments about her body. I'm looking at you, Karl Lagerfeld and Joan Rivers, but too many bloggers, reporters, and ordinary people to mention judged her physical appearance pretty harshly, too. 

Well, guess what? Adele doesn't really care what we think. And she doesn't need to prove to the world that even cosmetics giant L'Oreal thinks she's pretty. And to showcase her point, she just turned down buckets of money and the chance to be "professionally beautiful" as opposed to just plain old beautiful. 


The British singer turned her nose up at a $19 million contract offered by L'Oreal that would have made her the spokeswoman and face of their line in the U.K. The company was reportedly tired of working with Cheryl Cole, who has been tampering with her good looks quite a bit over the years, and I'm guessing they were ready for a fresh start with a young woman whose beauty is as natural and fresh as a bouquet of daisies.

But Adele wasn't having any of it. Reports say she refused the deal because she wants to focus on her singing career and on raising her 13-month-old son, which could certainly be true. But this is also the same woman who went on record a few years back and said she fears "selling out" and doesn't want her name attached to any brand. So maybe it's a bit of both? 

Personally, I like to imagine Adele cuddling with her cute baby in her mansion, all perfect and enviable long eyelashes and flawless skin, and just sort of flipping off the notion of a multimillion-dollar contract with a company that needs to make women feel just a little less pretty in order to sell products. Could it be her big "F-you" to the superficial world that wouldn't have her when she first started? 

Either way, bravo to Adele for refusing to cash in on her good looks and for sticking to her guns.

What do you think about Adele's decision to turn down L'Oreal's generous contract?


Image via Adele/Twitter

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