Miley Cyrus Vamps Like a Vampire in This Spooky Gown (PHOTO)

miley cyrusGod love Miley Cyrus, but fashion is not her forte. Maybe I'm being unfair. After all, wearing the bold, the flashy, and the edgy seems to be something that matters to her a great deal. Plus, I think I'd prefer to watch someone try new and exciting things and fail and fail and then keep failing over the chance to watch someone wear the same boring variation on a bandage dress to each event they attend.

I never need to worry about Miley Cyrus being boring. Or at least, I didn't until she donned this, her latest ensemble. I actually did one of those cartoon-like double-takes when I saw Miley's get-up. How strange to be shocked by someone showing so LITTLE skin just months after their name has come to be synonymous with nudity and/or shaking your ass around. 


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Miley is dressed like the ghost of the beheaded Tudor-era queen Anne Boleyn. Only Miley could do something like cover up her entire body and have it still seem beyond bizarre. Seriously though. Where are her arms? Her legs? Her anything? The most we get is a peep at her toes, which, honestly, for at least two minutes, I was convinced were going totally bare. Yeah guys. I was so thrown by this ensemble that I was prepared to be shocked by the sight of naked feet. Dark days. 

miley cyrus

Maybe this ensemble marks the turning of a page for our girl Miss Miley. Could it be that she is taking up a more conservative lifestyle? I mean, I really don't think so but with an outfit like this we don't exactly get a lot of options. It was either "Miley's gone Duggar" or "Miley might be joining a coven." For the record, either one of those would please me greatly, even more so if the proceedings were televised and then aired for my enjoyment. 

Do you dig Miley's sleek black look or do you think it's a hot mess?

Images via Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/Getty

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