5 Fake Tattoos So Gorgeous You’ll Wish They Were Real (PHOTOS)

swallows bird tattooGetting tattooed is for everyone these days! You’ll see beautiful ink art on every kind of woman from professionals and sorority sisters to chefs and moms (do I even know a mom who isn't inked anymore?). Tattoos are a fun way to express your style or personality. But guess what? Not all of those pretty tattoos are the real deal.

There are so many gorgeous-looking and completely temporary tattoos available these days. It's perfect if you have a hard time committing to the real thing. Wear a nice one out tonight just for fun — OR show off a new tattoo every week, just like you would any other fashion accessory. At The Prowl, we've rounded up dozens of amazing (and fake) fashion tattoo designs. Here's a sneak peek at our findings. 


Long-Lasting Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo

Dying to get colorful with your fashion tattoo? Then this temporary purple chrysanthemum tattoo (Etsy, $4.90) is the one for you.

Swooping Swallows Temporary Tattoo

This whimsical swallow temporary tattoo (Etsy, $3.30) makes a pretty wrist placement but could work on the upper arm or back too. They seem to celebrate freedom, don’t they? (Freedom from going under the needle! Ha!)

Love Heart Temporary Tattoo

Want to express a little love with simplicity? Wear this sweet, temporary “love” tattoo (Etsy, $2). So pretty!

Stormtrooper Star Wars Temporary Tattoo

Some tattoos tell us everything we need to know about a person. This temporary stormtrooper tattoo (Etsy, $5) is one of those.

Long-Lasting Butterfly Tattoo

OMG, can you believe this pretty butterfly tattoo (Etsy, $3.95) is a fake-a-roo? It's so nice it really ought to be real!

Check out all 30+ gorgeous temporary tattoos over on The Prowl. You’ll love them so much, you might just want a real one.


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