Cross-Eyed Model Shows Everything 'Flawed' Beauty Can Be

Model Moffy looks a bit like a young Angelina Jolie -- if Angelina had crossed eyes. Moffy, who is taking the modeling world by storm, has a "flaw" that would normally make the notoriously picky modeling world ignore her. But the times seem to be changing, because Moffy recently was on the cover of Pop magazine and then signed to the modeling agency that discovered that other strange beauty who upended the fashion world, Kate Moss.


With her big green eyes, puffy lips, and raven hair, there's no doubt that Moffy is a beauty, but it's her strabismus that makes her unique.

The modeling world, as rigid as it can be about weight and height, does seem to enjoy showcasing girls who have unusual beauty features. It's hard to believe now, but back when Cindy Crawford was starting out, her famous mole was so uncommon for a model that several agents urged her to get it removed. She refused and the rest is history.

Kate Moss might be blamed for everything that is wrong with the modeling industry's obsession with skinniness, but back when she started, most models were tall and voluptuous, with big boobs and broad shoulders. Kate was like a breath of fresh air back then.

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Gia and Janice Dickinson made dark girls with big lips all the rage when pasty blondes were in.

Kate Upton is now the model who looks "unusual" with her hefty figure.

So who is to say that Moffy, with her "imperfect" eyes, won't start a trend. I would certainly hope girls won't start trying to emulate her by walking around with eyes crossed, but hey, that'd be pretty hard to do.

As much as the modeling industry is criticized for holding women to an impossible and unhealthy standard, it also occasionally introduces a style of beauty to the world that ordinarily isn't considered beautiful. This is one of those times. And Moffy is gorgeous!

What do you think of Moffy?


Image via Tyrone LeBon/POP magazine

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