Taylor Swift Channels David Bowie at Victoria’s Secret Show (PHOTO)

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift's muchly touted appearance at the Victoria's Secret fashion show has come and gone, folks! I secretly hoped she'd walk the stage in bondage wear and nipple clamps and scare us all witless. "Miley," we'd all scream, "what did you do to TAYLOR?" But sadly (and also thankfully), that did not occur. Taylor sported two looks that were, in turn, classy and ... something else.

I've got to say, it takes some major lady-bits to strut your stuff alongside supermodels in their skivvies. I say this because I live in New York and I've had to ride on the subway with them during Fashion Week. It does loads for the ego, I can you that much. Luckily, Taylor's got the advantage here because she's already movie-star good-looking.


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Her first outfit was pretty enough, if a tad unremarkable. The micro-skirted sheath dress could have been made from various bits of the white and silver sequins that littered the stage. I did like the pattern and the fact that the neckline kept the whole look kind of demure. Still, my favorite part of this look were her shoes, which had me convinced that she is secretly a huge fan of ballroom dancing. You could see her on DWTS, right?

Her second look was a little ... David Bowie-esque. Now normally coming from me, you wouldn't read that as being a bad thing, as it were. It is a fact both that David Bowie is stylish and that I am in love with him. All of that said, Taylor Swift is not David Bowie. Observe, here is Taylor last night:

taylor bowie

It's like, right, we get it. The Union Jack. It's everywhere. You love it. It's on your shoes. It's on your tiny Hot-Topic-like hat. It's trailing off of your butt. We get it Taylor. Now here's Bowie:

david swift

David Bowie can frolic about in a Union Jack frock coat because the man literally spent large portions of his career trying to convince people that he was an alien, yeah? Now he is married to Iman. He can play dress-up until the cows come home! When Taylor goes for a "look" like this, it reads like a little girl playing dress-up in her mom's closet -- if her mom was David Bowie. But maybe I'm being a harsh old crone. I guess it's good she's taking risks?

Am I being too harsh, did you like Taylor's get-up?


Images via Kevin Kane/Mick Huston/Getty

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