Dakota Johnson's New Hair Transforms Her Into Anastasia Steele

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Dakota JohnsonWhoa -- talk about a major change! Dakota Johnson went brunette and got bangs (after this photo was taken) -- making her a dead ringer for Anastasia Steele, based on the character's physical description in Fifty Shades of Grey.

When she was first cast in Ana's role, it was kind of hard to picture her taking on the part, being that she was a blonde and all. But now that Dakota has officially gone to the darker side? Oh yeah -- she's ready to get her Christian Grey on, all right. (Or get on top of Christian Grey. Or both. Whatever.)

But while it's obvious that Dakota turned her blond locks brown for the sake of the movie, she might want to think about keeping the color even after filming is complete.

Don't you think she looks better with darker hair? It brings out her features more or something -- and she doesn't look quite as washed out. Man. Landing the Fifty Shades gig has really benefited her in more ways than one. By diving head first into Anastasia's character, she improved her own appearance in the process, which is a total win-win.

And now that she's nailed down the look, it's easier to start thinking of Dakota as Anastasia, which is key for getting people to buy into her playing the part.

I wonder what Jamie Dornan thinks of her big transformation? Hopefully he's digging it. It might be pretty hard to play a believable Christian Grey if he's not feelin' her.

What do you think of Dakota as a brunette?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Jessica Sharp

She just looks very old for Anastacia. 

Helen Blanton

i Think people need to give her credit, she loks amazing and now i can see it! Kudos Dakota!

Kirstie James

She looks great, I guess I'll just have to watch the movie to see if she can live up to the part. Her and Jamie seem to have great chemistry, so no real complaints here.

Katy D. Enns

sorry its not that shes not pretty, but she looks to old for the role.....

Car E Cald

this page is soooooo negative !!! love to cause Drama with fans ....!!!! 

Laura Burnett Gramenz

I like the darker hair.  She looked too much like Melody Griffith (her mother) with blonde hair.  


Debbie Hoskins

She is the right age, has the look, and I think she can "bring it" to the part.  Bring it on Dakota!  Can't wait to see the movie and you playing the part of Anastasia!

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