10 Looks We Loved & Loathed at 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Premiere (PHOTOS)

the hunger games castAfter much anticipation The Hunger Games: Catching Fire finally premiered in London. There was much whooping and hollering and a red carpet was rolled out. You know what that means! Jennifer Lawrence and company whipped up their red-carpet best and took to poppin' their hips for their photogs!

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Fashion is a complicated beast. This is never more true than at a movie premiere. While we definitely loved a lot of the looks that came our way, there were some of which ... we were far less fond. I say 'we' meaning myself and all 1,800 of my personalities. We've gathered 10 standout looks -- for better or worse -- and presented them for your consideration. Happy viewing, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Which look from the premiere do you like the most?


Image via David M. Benett/Getty

  • Elizabeth Banks


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    Elizabeth Banks rocked TWO killer looks at the London premiere; this is the second, which she wore to the after-party. While it skews slightly metallic and bath-towel-ish, I still heart it. Also I heart bath-towels.

  • Jennifer Lawrence


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    I have ... many feelings about this dress. I will totally admit that they are mostly residual anger over the press calling JLaw's haircut a pixie cut. IT IS NOT A PIXIE CUT. In other news, the only misstep here is probably the severe look of her shoes. #sparklesforever

  • Edith Bowman


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    Edith is a Scottish DJ. She was the evening's host. She is also extremely excited about Christmas and wearing damask wallpaper as clothing.

  • Elizabeth Banks


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    Elizabeth Banks' first look. I die for this yellow. Also I want a banana. But seriously, she's stunning! Also, bananas.

  • Jena Malone


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    Jena Malone! You look great! I love the soft, mid-length, ALL FRINGE sleeve on her gorgeous red gown. It's only a pity that carpets at these events are traditionally red. I hope no one stepped on her.

  • Natalie Dormer


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    Put that away Natalie! No one is interested! And by 'that' I mean your duck pout. Your Morticia-Addams-clad behind can stay.

  • Willow Shields


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    It's too bad Elizabeth Banks rocked yellow so perfectly at the same event. Willow's -- while cute and ever so jejune -- seems to miss the mark. The shoes are super-sweet, but the whole look seems a bit too church-potluck for me, ya dig?

  • Sam Claflin & Laura Haddock


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    Sam and Laura stole the show with their simple, sleek, and tailored formalwear. Laura looked absolutely outrageous in her sharply angled silk gown. The stunning amount of detail kicked things up a notch or 12.

  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty


    Musician Sophie Ellis-Bextor is confused. She did not know this was a movie premiere. She thought we were all going to a picnic. She is not sorry either, cheeky thing. Great print, wrong occasion.

  • Liam Hemsworth


    Image via David M. Benett/Getty

    Every time I see Liam Hemsworth, this song goes through my head. I don't know why and also I don't care. STOKES OUT.

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