Kat Von D Lipstick Has Name So Offensive to Moms It’s Pulled From Shelves

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kat von d lipstickWhen you put lipstick on, you want to feel beautiful, sexy, flirty, gorgeous, fabulous, amazing ... you get the idea. You don't want it to have a name that makes you feel bad or is offensive. Just like when I pick my nail polish color, it has to have a name that feels right. So if I reached for a dark purple that had the name "Loser Face" on it, I'd probably buy the deep blue that bore the name "Dream Girl" instead. You're with me on that, right? I thought so.

Which is why I'm scratching my head over why in the world the cosmetic namers behind Kat Von D's makeup line decided to make a play with the "R" word for their lipstick.

The Painted Love lipstick shade in question is "Celebutard" and Sephora has pulled the lipstick from its collection because many find the name offensive. Reportedly the groups Down Syndrome Uprising, Family Member, and All About Developmental Disabilities have all complained. 

The color was a shade of beige and sold for $19. They should just rename it. Some of the other names of the colors in the same line include Lovecraft, Homegirl, Backstage Bambi, Hellbent, Rosary, and my personal favorite Underage Red. (Anything to feel young!) In addition to pulling the shade, Sephora apologized, but the rumor is that Kat Von D tweeted, "At the end of the day, it’s just a f***ing lipstick." That tweet, if it really did exist, has since been deleted. It is just a lipstick, but it still shouldn't have a name that makes people upset. Not worth it.

Does the name offend you?


Image via Sephora

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Katha... Katharine205

I wonder if Catholics are offended by the Rosary shade, or if families of victims of statutory rape are offended by the Underage Red, or if black women are offended by the Homegirl shade?  I agree, it's just a f*** lipstick.  People need to stop being so damn offended about everything.

Movie... Moviebuff

What a surprise the people with "special" kids are offended get over it it's just lipstick.

nonmember avatar Alexandra


nonmember avatar S.Smith

Moviebuff..what is it that you have against developmentally disabled children? What will you do if you have one or your kids have one later in life? And they aren't special children,they are special needs children..every child is special! Were you beat up by a child with down syndrome when you were younger?? Why so cold hearted.. That would be like me looking at your "name" moviebuff and assume you are obese and lazy and lay around all day doing nothing but watching movies..how correct is that? So why do you assume because a child has a developmental problem that he/she is worthless???

Movie... Moviebuff

Why do are so many people upset about the name? it's just lipstick get over it my problem is not with the kids it's the parents who throw fits about every little thing and think everybody is picking on them.

nonmember avatar S.Smith

Really? Because other "articles" on this site you've mentioned that a child with a developmental disability is one of Gods mistakes!! So don't say you have nothing against the kids!! And I guess I hit a sore spot because you didn't answer any of my questions in my previous comment!

nonmember avatar SillyConsumers

Well since Kat Von D is in the business of making money and ALL publicity is good publicity... I say good for them. Being stupid works for Miley! Why not everybody else!

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

There is always someone looking for their 15 minutes.

the4m... the4mutts

Its just a fucking lipstick. If you're offended, speak with your money, and dont buy it. Simple.

Personally, I find "underage red" to be in bad taste. But Im not going to go lobby with some douches that have nothing better to do, to get it taken off the shelves. Instead, I'll stick with my Mary Kay, and go along with my day.

sweet... sweetaspie630

I have a special needs kid and I think it's just a fuc*ing lipstick. I would have bought it if I didn't think it was overpriced. People are WAY too sensitive now...

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