Who Knew Khloe Kardashian Could Make Goth Look Good

khloe kardashianWhen I think "goth," I do not often think of the Kardashians. I mean, I am always thinking of the Kardashians, to be sure. But typically when it comes to anything goth, my mind mainly flickers over to the Cure and Hot Topic -- in that order. I never went through a goth phase, mainly because my family would have never let me live it down. But I always respected folks who did it and pulled it off without looking like a truculent school-kid in need of a stern talking to in regards to body odor.

I now proudly add Khloe Kardashian to this list. I don't know why exactly she was prowling around L.A. dressed like a goth queen, Scott Disick in tow -- but it weirdly totally worked! It shouldn't have, but she made this old look new again. Further proof that the Lord is a perfect accessory to every outfit. That's why he'll be my lieutenant during the Throbtron invasion. 


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I think the reason this look works on Khloe is because the clothes aren't at all costume-like. I mean, yes, the duds are black, but it's not as though she's draped her shoulders in a Stevie Nicks-type shawl. That keeps the whole take on goth fresh and modern. Always a plus! Also, the fun crimped ombre 'do provides lightness in the face of some heavy makeup -- pro-tip guys, if you're tempted to go goth, take a page from Khloe's book!

I should add that if this look is K-Dawg trying to show her "darker" side, it's falling short of the mark. If anything she looks more angelic than she does a tortured soul. It's tempting given Khloe's tumultuous personal life to view this dark look as a veiled hint about her internal condition. But if her actual facial expressions are any indication -- that would be a mistake, because sister-friend looks happy!

Does Khloe's take on goth makeup inspire you to try it?


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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