Kate Middleton Reveals a Beauty 'Flaw' We Can All Relate To (PHOTO)

kate middleton gray hairWhoa! We knew something looked different about Kate Middleton while she was participating in London Poppy Day festivities yesterday at Kensington Palace. Yes, she had longer hair, a middle part instead of the usual side-swept look she goes for. Her cherry red L.K. Bennett trench brought out her highlights in a new way, too. But, oh, wait a minute ... are those grays there by her roots?! YUP! The mystery's officially been foiled -- no pun intended. Looks like the new mom has been avoiding a touch-up dye job!

Of course, some reports claim the grays just popped up since the Duchess gave birth, because she's so stressed, but ehhh, doubtful. Moreover, I'd say she's probably had 'em and has just been coloring her hair frequently enough that we haven't ever noticed. And any tsk-ing about how they're still stemming from stress -- or even aging -- is a bit silly, as well.


My younger sister has had grays since she was in her teens! Some people just happen to sprout silver strands younger than others. It's possible Kate's had them for a while. Or pregnancy's been shown to make a woman go grayer!

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There's also the possibility that she's avoiding a dye job while she's still breastfeeding ... although she didn't have any noticeable grays at the gala she attended just two weeks ago. So maybe it's that she is too caught up in parenting and her royal duties right now to worry about needing a touch-up? But considering how much care went into having her hair done and looking perfect before she made her first appearance outside of St. Mary's Hospital, I'm guessing she can get her colorist to help her out whenever, wherever!

That said, letting the gray hang out seems like a conscious decision to me ... And if that's the case, how cool is that?! Love to see the Duchess own her natural beauty and be real. And I bet you before we know it, letting your roots stay gray is going to be in, all thanks to Kate!

How do you feel about Kate's grays? Why do you guess she isn't covering them up right now?


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