Selena Gomez Looking Sexier & More Daring Than Ever (PHOTOS)

selena gomezThe first time I heard "Come & Get It" on the radio, I couldn't believe it was sweet little Selena Gomez. Yes, I listen to the radio in my family car with two car seats in the back. And I know almost all the words to "Come & Get It." Na na na na. That's one sexually charged little song there, Gomez. Didn't know you had it in you. Sure Selena was in that movie Spring Breakers, but I'm a mom, and once my kids are in bed, I'm busy catching up on Walking Dead, so I haven't seen it or her parade around in a bikini yet.

And yeah, she dated Justin Bieber. But I didn't want to believe the two of them were sexual in any way. They just held hands and giggled a lot, right? Well while Biebs has been allegedly partying in Brazilian brothels and being filmed while he sleeps by a girl who resembles his ex, Selena has been rebelling by vamping it up and looking hotter than ever. Aside from this cleavage happy dress, Selena is featured on the cover of Flaunt magazine in (gasp!) lingerie.


selena gomez flaunt

She looks a little like Mila Kunis in this photo, doesn't she? The 21-year-old is growing up right before my very eyes. (That's me speaking like a true old lady.) My gosh. Maybe Selena and Biebs had sex after all. Please, no. Let me continue to think of them in the sweet innocent ways. Though Justin is totally ruining that because he's so baaaad now. And please, please let Selena remain all natural -- I believe that tight black dress is just pushing her breasts together to create the perfect cleavage. Haters, don't hate!

I love how Selena is kind of making Justin eat his heart out but is just being herself. She's not out causing a ruckus all over the globe. She's just doing her celebrity thing -- taking gorgeous photos, wearing sexy dresses, and smiling when she's at events. Now that smile does look a little devious with that vampy blood red lipstick, but ... what can I expect? She's 21.

What do you think of Selena's daring and very sexy new looks?


Images via Splash; Flaunt magazine

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