Kourtney Kardashian Teases Pics From New Shoe Collection

kourtney kardashianWe all have of our own favorite Kardashian. Mine is the ghost of a back mole that Kris Jenner once had removed. Either that, or Khloe Kardashian, because she is beautiful and charming and funny as hell. But really it's the back mole. I'm also a huge fan of Kourtney, because when it comes to fashion, the girl brings it.

She's a huge risk-taker. Take, for example, her choice in baby-daddies. I kid, I kid, I have nothing but respect for Lord Disick ever since he partied with that lady who had cancer. I heart him. Fashion-wise, Kourtney knows what's up, and she's not afraid to do stuff like wear a shirt as a dress and then totally own it. Girl's got natural style. That's why I was so stoked when Kourtney 'grammed photos of the new shoes being released by Tribe Kardashian.


The shoes are ADORABLE. Plus, it looks like they aren't all roughly a million feet high and sharp enough to draw blood from the tootsies of the innocent. I actually think the palette Kourtney's sharing here is a nice blend of the styles of all of the Kardashian ladies. There's something for everyone! Except for maybe me, because I wear only Crocs. Hello, this is guest blogger, Mario Batali.


All joking aside, even if you don't usually rock a heel, the collection (which I refuse to spell with a 'k' because I worry doing so would make my brain begin to bleed out of my nose) has an option for you. I particularly love the wider heel on the black back peep-toe pump the photo features. Tres sexy!

Would you ever wear shoes released by the Kardashians? I wear Jessica Simpson's stuff all the time, so I guess this isn't much of a stretch, really.


Image via Instagram

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