Kate Middleton's New Hairstyle Probably Shocked William (PHOTO)

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kate middletonAre you sitting down? If you are, you might want to stand up. I've got news that's going to make you pace. Ready ...? Okay, I'm going to tell you on the count of three. One ... KATE MIDDLETON CHANGED HER HAIR!!!!!! Oh, my god! We should declare this a national -- er, international -- holiday. Middle Part With Blond Highlights Day!

The Duchess was recently photographed greeting volunteers at Kensington Palace on Thursday for London Poppy Day, or as you and I call it, Middle Part With Blond Highlights Day, and she was sporting a strikingly different 'do. And it looks awful! Just kidding! It looks amazing!

Somehow, the Duchess' hair seems to have grown a few inches since we last saw her; and it also appears that she's had some blond highlights added to her tresses. But the pièces de résistance of her new look was the sharp part down the middle of her head as opposed to her usual side-swept hair. I don't know if this is inappropriate to say or not, but: Is it just me, or does Kate look like she has Victoria's Secret hair going on right here?

Like everything Kate does, her new hair looks amazing. And I don't think I'll ever be able to get over the fact that there's nary a single extension in on her head. It's all her hair, guys! I mean, sheesh, take everything, why don't you, Kate? The hair, the prince. You're such a Rapunzel.

Thoughts on Kate's new 'do? Like the side or middle part better?

Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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Hello07 Hello07

Wow. That's awful

Naomi Verdugo

I do not like it at all!


Geri Bowling

I like the side part better and I loved the color of her hair therefore she does not need highlights in my opinion. She still looks gorgeous with her hair parted in the middle. She definitely has very nice hair, a very lucky woman.

Ann Adamski

What was she thinking...no like..here..

Kathy Welch

I love the new hair do and the highlights sets the hairstyle beautifully. :) and she can wear this style , no problem

Jan Caskey

I don.t like it

Janet Windsor Thompson

I liked her very natural hair color and style much better than the blonde and highlights that most women think they have to do to look better. Her natural beauty is much more appealing.

Juanita Sullivan

Oh for pete's sake people!  She can wear her hair anyway she wants and she is not here to satisfy you, the general public for anything!  I remember when Princess Diana died and the "general public" had not seen the Prince's William and Harry because I am sure they were in no mood to be doing public appearances.  So the "general public" started complaining because they weren't seeing the boys.  So they came out to the public to thank them for whatever.  I was horrified they did that.  They should've said screw them, we are in mourning here.

nonmember avatar Karen119

I don't care for the new hairdo at all. It looks as though it needs a good wash.

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