Jennifer Lawrence Debuts Short Hairstyle -- What Is Going ON!? (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrence short new haircutOkay, it's official: There's something going on with the water over in Hollywood. Short hair is EVERYWHERE! The latest leading lady to opt for the pixie cut? None other than Jennifer Lawrence! That's right -- Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has chopped her hair and we are officially obsessed. Lawrence premiered the new look today in a photo on her Facebook page. It's drastic, yes, but it totally works with her face shape.

But honestly, is there some, like, insider pact going on? It's like Jennifer Hudson got short hair at the end of October, then called up her friends Pamela Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Aniston (who clearly partially chickened out with this bob cut), and now Jennifer Lawrence and said -- LET'S DO THIS THING!

At least that's how it went in my head, anyway.


Hey, all I gotta say is props to these ladies. As someone who has had long hair for at least 10 years now -- I'm frightened to go for that kind of drastic short look. For so many women, myself included, their hair is a security blanket. I've always felt that my long hair has been part of my sexiness. Even the simple thought of chopping it almost makes me faint. If I were to do it? Well ... it would SURELY take some getting used to.

But back to Jennifer Lawrence. Guys, she looks good. Heck, she looks hot. This lady has the kind of attitude that makes this pixie cut really work. Now I for one am interested to see how it looks accompanied by some sort of red carpet gown. 

What celebrity would you want to see rockin' a pixie cut?


Image via Facebook

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