Actress Has Wardrobe Malfunction So Bad You Won't Believe It (PHOTO)

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Jaimie AlexanderD'oh! When it comes to celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, you have those that are slightly embarrassing but fairly easy to brush off and recover from. Then you have all-out wardrobe FAILS -- like when actress Jaimie Alexander showed up half-naked to the Thor: The Dark World premiere.

You guys? Oh, the horror of this one. The black, sheer dress she wore was risqué enough from the front, but then when the cameras caught a few shots of her from the side view? Holy Toledo.

Let's just say it's obvious that part of Jaimie's pre-movie premiere grooming routine included a bikini wax. (Probably a Brazilian.)

Check it out.

 Jaimie Alexander

Yep. There's really no polite way of putting it. Her vag is hanging out. It's right there for the world to see. Plain as day. There's her va-jay-jay. (My eyes!)

And while she has a seriously bangin' bod and still managed to look stunning in the dress with her private parts on display -- I'm just not sure Jaimie will ever be able to live this one down.

But then again, she had to know this dress was bound to raise a few eyebrows, and it's not like it leaves much to the imagination even without the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. If she was willing to go this sheer in the first place, maybe she's just one of those women who has absolutely no problem walking around half-naked.

(If I had that body, I probably wouldn't either.)

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?


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sylph... sylph_ironlight

It's technically her mons pubis, not her vagina. And it's no worse than seeing her in a skimpy bikini.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Definitely not her vag.....yet

AliPa... AliParker

Agree with sylph that it is no worse than the bikinis these people usually wear.

At least she is waxed or shave and it is not all hairy!

Fondue Fondue

Dear Stir Editors,

Please take up a collection around to office to send Mary Fischer to a basic anatomy class at a nearby community college, for she has recently mistaken a mons pubis for a "vag" or "va-jay-jay."  How sad is it that a lady of her age does not know the correct names for parts on her own body?


Concerned Stir Readers

nonmember avatar joblo

"There it is, Mom and Dad: disgusting human flesh!"

nonmember avatar Tia

I don't think this is even close to some the wardrobe malfunctions that I've seen. But hey, you got me to click on the article. I guess your job is done.

nonmember avatar jackiemichigan

I don't think of it as a wardrobe malfunction. The designer just needed to angle the material over more toward the hip and let the exposed skin show from there, instead of the front leg. But she wanted to wear it... .

nonmember avatar Rowl

...and she thanks you for all the free PR. How much you wanna bet that we start seeing more of Jaimie Alexander (aside from flesh) in the next few years? There are a ton of great up and coming young actresses out there right now and this is a great way for her to get a lot of free press and get some work. The more an actor is in the media, the more producers want to cast them because it means more advertising and visibility for the project.

faith... faith2009123

How do I unsee that!!!???? Dumb!!! Tits, ass and mons pubis! Next? Scrotums and penises!!??? Yuk!!!

nonmember avatar Tag68

You will never convince me she didn't know - there are NO morals anymore - why bother to even wear clothes? Ridicoulous and trashy!

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