Why Women Over 40 Look Just as Hot With Long Hair

michele zipp long hairBy now we've all seen Pamela Anderson's short pixie cut -- she looks amazing. But just because Pam did it and looks great does not mean all women should make an appointment with their hairstylist to cut their hair off. And I mean young women and ... old women. Because somewhere in the minds of certain people lives this notion that women over 40 should have short hair. Or that mothers should get the "mom cut" and trim their locks so they're super short.

I couldn't disagree more. I will never cut my hair short. Never. And I'm a mom. Of twins. And also ... ahem ... of a certain age.


Some women look absolutely amazing with short hair. Just like some look fabulous in skinny jeans or the color yellow. I love my skinny jeans, but the color yellow? Keep that away from me and my complexion. I know what works for me and what doesn't. I know what I like and what I don't. Short hair on me? Doesn't work. Do not like. On Pam, though, love it. On Michelle Williams -- gorgeous. On Charlize Theron and Halle Berry -- beautiful.

In short, this doesn't mean I do not like short hair -- I just don't like it on me and I don't want someone telling me that a short 'do would look better or, because I am of a certain age, I should cut my hair. No one should tell any woman of a certain age that her hair isn't age appropriate. We've lived long enough to have tried on tons of hairstyles. We know what we like by now. We're not living by someone else's standard of what they think is beautiful or better. We know what makes us feel beautiful, and if it's long hair, then let it grow. And grow. And grow.

Everyone also says how short hair is just so much more manageable and how it's so much easier to maintain. How is that even true? To maintain a short hairstyle, you have to cut it when it gets longer, which is around every six to eight weeks. I've had bangs before, I know the trouble they are and how they seemingly always need a trim. Who has time for that? I've got the easiest style of them all -- long, hardly any layers, and ... long. Most days, I don't even blow dry it. I put in a little Moroccan Oil and done. Or I can twist it up in a bun and go. Or I can put the sides up. Or braid it. I have so many options with long hair -- I like options.

Having long hair doesn't make a woman look older. Such general statements like that are nonsense. Wearing a hairstyle that you love will always make you look better, more confident, more beautiful. So if it's long hair that you love and you're over 40, go long. Don't ever let anyone tell you to cut it.

Do you have long hair and are over 40? Do people tell you to cut it? What do you think of older women with long hair?


Image via Michele Zipp

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