Jennifer Aniston's Hair Disaster Could Have Been Avoided

jennifer anistonOur girl Jennifer Aniston debuted a new haircut recently. The future Mrs. Theroux's signature just-below-the-shoulder tresses have been cut into a cool, messy bob, and like most things Jen does, it looks fantastic. It's a nice change of pace for Aniston, who seems to be just one of the many celebrities chopping off their locks lately.

However. The reason Jen went for the ol' snip-a-roo wasn't to be on trend. It's because her hair is fried and falling out after getting a Brazilian Blowout. You know those amazing salon hair treatments that can make the thickest, frizziest hair Pantene commercial-esque? Yeah, don't do them. They're really bad for you.

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A few years ago, I got a Brazilian Blowout. There was a Groupon for a salon in the East Village, and I thought, "You know what, Nicole? Treat yo' self." And it was amazing. It really, really worked. After years of living in hot, dry Southern California, where the hair is always sleek and frizz-free, this was the perfect antidote for the humid, sticky, bad-hair-day-weather of NYC. But something happened after the honeymoon period with my Brazilian Blowout ended. My hair was super dry and it seemed to be falling out. For a little over a month, every time I'd take a shower, there were (a lot) more clumps of hair in my hands after rinsing the shampoo out than I was used to. Needless to say, I never got the treatment again. And my hair went back to being its unruly self.

However, after a few years of testing out products and desperately seeking something that would smooth out my frizzy hair (did I mention I have bangs?), I've found a few things that really, truly work (no, this isn't a sponsored post). They may not make your hair as wash-and-go as a chemical-smoothing treatment, but they won't break the bank or make your hair fall out. So that's a plus.

Okay, here's what I've found.

Living Proof's No Frizz. Ironically, Jennifer Aniston is a spokesperson for this line. And guys? It works. Better than anything else I've ever tried. I use the spray and it has a bit of a weird smell, but it creates a barricade between any and all moisture and your hair. I used it on my hair before my wedding. Which was outdoors. In Florida. And when I look back at photos, there's nary a flyaway in site.

Living Proof's Style Extender. Okay, I realize this is starting to seem like an advertisement, but it's not, I swear! You know how you buy a product at the drugstore, thinking it's actually going to do what it advertises to your hair, and then it doesn't and you're pissed? This line doesn't do that. It's a little pricey, but it was created by MIT scientists, and what the products say they're going to do, they do. And their Style Extender is no exception. Simply smooth a dollop of the product onto your hair before you put on whatever smoothing serum or spray you like, and it really does make the style last an extra day. Swear. I'm not one of you lucky ladies who can go without washing my hair for days on end, but with this, I can definitely avoid showering and washing my hair an extra day. 

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight. This product gives you straight, frizz-free hair for three days (in my case two good ones). In fact, my advice with using this product would be to do your hair at night and sleep on it. I've found that right after using this my hair feels a little "sticky," but after a few hours have gone by, it looks really good. Hence, sleeping the stickiness off.

Lastly, I've noticed that when I use a "cheap" shampoo and very little (or no) conditioner in humid weather, my hair stays frizz-free much longer. Not everyone can get away with this (looking at you, lucky, thick-haired ladies), but for gals with finer hair, it's a pretty good quick fix.

Share with the class: How do you keep your hair sleek and smooth? We need all the tips we can get!


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nonmember avatar Jenn

I'm a Wen girl! Seriously, if you've never tried Wen (adverts feature Alyssa Milano), it is well worth it!

There are several formulas/scents for all hair types.

nonmember avatar Ryan

I have curly hair and I love the Garnier Fructis sleek and shine products. The argan oil is a bit heavy so although it comes in small bottle you only need a small amount. It keeps my hair shiny and frizz free. The price point of these products is easy on the wallet too. I also like Rusk products, especially in the summer when I tend to be very active swimming and being outside. I try to purchas the Rusk products at TJMaxx because they are expensive at the salon.

nonmember avatar randi

@Nicole, I have to disagree with you about the Brazilian Blowout. I've been doing them every 4-5 months for several years and I absolutely love the product! I have thick, wiry, coarse hair that no product could tame - until the keratin smoothers came along. I've never had any damage or problems with it. If you have a reputable salon and a tech that knows what they're doing, there's nothing to compare.

Shann... ShannaBee

I've had to cut my hair off chin-length due to years of bleaching. Now I stay my natural dark brown.

nonmember avatar Lolcoconuts

The Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Line is amazing. I have naturally curly/frizzy hair and it keeps it smooth and soft.

Danielle Denise

Where is the picture of her haircut?  Why do I have to click on several links in the article to even find it?!?!


nonmember avatar Stefani

I had the Bumble & Bumble Concenstraight treatment in my hair for a year & a half. It didn't weigh my fine hair down as much as the Brazilian Blowout. My hair NEVER got frizzy while it was in which was excellent. The only thing I don't like is it takes a long time for the treatment to fade away (this could be because my hair is very porous). It dried out my hair a little but my hair didn't have a lot of damage because I didn't have to heat style it as much. I would definitely recommend it. You can safely do the treatment at home for way less than a Brazilian. The only reason I stopped using it is because I wanted to go back to curly hair.

Tangi Brown

I totally disagree!! Brazilian Blowout is an awesome product! I am a stylist and as long as you have gone throuh the training to be certified. There is NO WAY anyones hair could get fried or damaged by this product!!

nonmember avatar Bella

I straightened my hair daily and my hair started to get fried as well! I heard that going all natural withyour shampoo and conditioner restores hair so i bough DO naturals. It made my hair look so much jealthier! Get it!!

nonmember avatar danielle

I have been using brazilian blowout for a long time. I have done my research. The only thing that can damage hair is if the stylist is not informed and uses the flat iron on too high of heat or goes over the hair too many times with the flat iron. You need to find a stylist that knows her stuff mine is amazing. Also Jennifer and her hairdresser released a statement that it was a style choice to cut her hair and had nothing to do with brazilian blowout.

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