Zoe Saldana’s Unusual Engagement Ring Says a Lot About Her Relationship

Oh, that Zoe Saldana. The beautiful actress is one secretive chick. She didn't even admit she had married her Italian boyfriend Marco Perego for three months after they'd tied the knot. And she didn't go around showing off her fantabulous engagement ring either, not like SOME (coughKimKardashiancough) people. But she should have. Because it is GORG. But Zoe's engagement sparkler is also totally unlike any engagement ring I've ever seen.


The engagement ring is a stunning pear-shaped ... emerald. A celebrity jeweler told the Daily Mail that it looks to be about 10 carats. We have definitely seen some amazeballs engagements rings lately -- rings that rival Liz Taylor's many many engagement rings!

Other celebs who didn't go white for their engagement bling include Blake Lively, who sports a 7-carat pink diamond. And Heidi Klum who had a 10-carat yellow engagement ring from her now-defunct marriage to Seal (ruh-roh). Halle Berry also has an emerald engagement ring -- not nearly as nice as Zoe's, IMHO.

Sapphire is my birth stone and guess who just happens to have a sapphire engagement ring? Kate Middleton, of course.

I love the idea of using your birth stone as an engagement rock -- but I guess that's not why Zoe has an emerald, which is the birth stone for May. Her birthday is in June.

Maybe she just loves emeralds. Think of all that emeralds can signify:

- The Emerald City.

- Those famous emerald earrings that Angelina Jolie wore.

- Liz Taylor's famous emerald necklace. (No one got more jewelry than Liz!)

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Using a rock other than a diamond for your engagement says: I don't follow what everyone else is doing. I'm unique. I don't do what everyone else does. I love color! It also says, I'm sort of a lesbian! Well, maybe it doesn't say that, but Zoe once said she could "end up with a woman."

At the end of the day, I think it says that Zoe isn't cookie-cutter, and neither is her relationship.

The only thing that would cause me a little worry would be resale value, as there are plenty of ladies who wouldn't want anything but a diamond engagement ring. Yeah, that's a bit jaded. But plenty of women upgrade!

Anyway, Zoe, you done good, girl. You may have lost Bradley Cooper; you gained an awesome ring. I don't care that some people say it looks like costume jewelry. Haters gwan hate.

Do you like an alternative engagement ring? Or are you traditional?


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