3 Stylish Nail Polishes Your Guy Probably Won't Like (But Who Cares?)

Butter London WelliesI just went and showed my husband my freshly painted nails (pictured here). I already knew he wouldn't really like them, but I was curious to see what he'd say. "Go ahead, you can be honest," I laughed. "How do you like this color?"

Guess what he said?


"It's ugly!" he confessed. My 10-year-old daughter was appalled. "I love that color! It's so cute!"

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: There are nail polishes that most guys will either appreciate (or not even notice), and then there is a whole host of super chic shades that only we ladies can love.

That ultra chic shade above is Butter London Nail Lacquer "Wellies", by the way. ($15 at ButterLondon.com)

I first started thinking about this nail polish phenomenon the other weekend when we were out with a fun couple friend of ours -- let's call them Jack and Diane. "Diane" spotted my manicure and complimented me on it. It was OPI's "Peace, Love & OPI" holographic shade ($9 at Ulta.com) -- part of their new gorgeous San Francisco collection -- and I luuuuuurve it. 

Peace Love & OPI

I showed her how it changed colors depending on the angle, going from iridescent green to silvery-gray to purple ... oohh! Ahhhh! The guys were unimpressed. "It's kind of witchy," noted my husband.

Diane, in turn, has a favorite polish that her boyfriend Jack hates: Essie Chinchilly ($8 at Essie.com). Though you can't really tell from the below image, it's a kind of taupey-gray.

Essie Chinchilly

Diane and I agree with the product description: "A sleek granite gray polish that positively radiates urban chic and subtle sophistication," quoth the Essie website. "This luxe of lacquers goes with everything." Indeed! Just don't ask the men in our lives to love it!

Of course, OF COURSE I KNOW there are exceptions to the rule. I'm sure there are plenty of men who just love the sight of a gray nail. But, genereally speaking, the reds and pinks are going to be considered sexier, which, hey, is great too. But I for one am happy to paint my nails to please myself -- and of course, my girl friends!

If you have a man in your life, does he have an opinion about nail polish?


Image via April Daniels Hussar

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