BREAKING: Jennifer Aniston Gets a Shockingly Short Haircut

jennifer anistonCheck it out: Is that Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber with a shaggy 'do ... or wait, Jennifer Aniston?! OMG. it's the latter, sporting a brand new chopped haircut. Edgy hit ... or a cringeworthy miss? Well, personally, I am not a fan. I love and now completely miss her long, golden blonde California girl mane. What woman in American doesn't covet Jen's hair? (And legs, and arms, and skin, and ... oh for crying out loud, she's too freakin' gorgeous!)

As it turns out, even Jen herself was coveting her own signature smooth tresses a bit too much, which led to her having to do away with them (temporarily, I hope).


Jen explained the drastic new bob -- which she got the day before Halloween -- to Elle UK:

It wasn't for a role. My hair went through a phase -- I did this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it. It's about two inches above my shoulders now. ... The minute I cut my hair I want it back. Always. It's a guarantee. I'm trying really hard to love this one.

Awww! Well, that explains so much. First of all, I was thinking -- why would she chop her hair (if not for a role) before getting hitched? Does that mean she and fiance Justin Theroux aren't getting married any time soon? But no, it was a total whoops. Poor Jen!

So instead of Fashion Police-ing the cut and shouting that her stylist gave her the worst haircut since "The Rachel," I guess we ought to be commiserating with her. Whenever you end up having to do something to your hair that you weren't planning on and aren't exactly psyched about, it's a sad, dark day.

The good news: a.) Oh so many of us believe Jen's gorgeous no matter what she does, b.) I'm sure she'll figure out a cute way to style it while it's growing out, and c.) oh yeah, hair grows. 

What do you think about Jen's new haircut?


Image via Angela George/Wikimedia

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